Hi! I'm owner and stitcher, Carrie Burch.

I began Stitch Folks in a tiny upstairs apartment during one of the coldest winters Grand Rapids, Michigan has ever endured. Instead of letting the 100.3 inches of snow crush my spirit, I began creating portraits of friends and family. I believe all people are important and wonderfully made; their unique existence must be cherished! As each cross stitch became more detailed, I realized the potential these little gifts have to brighten days. I will never forget my moms uncontrollable giggles when she received hers in the mail, "This looks just like me, and my feet are sticking straight out to the sides!"

Three years have passed, and Stitch Folks has since grown and evolved. We are now open to all types of embroidery projects, from a 3" portrait to large marketing pieces. I can't wait to hear your ideas and get to work! I hope that no matter the project, your custom embroidery will bring a smile to someones face. 

If you are interested in requesting an order, please fill out the form on the contact page. I look forward to hearing from you! If you would like to read our reviews, please check out our former Etsy page

Thank you for the photos, Justine Montigny 

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